There are almost as many ways for goblins to make a living as there are goblins…mostly unethical. These classes are an attempt to generalize some broad categories, but players are encouraged to add their own weird details to their character’s get-rich-quick schemes of choice.

In addition to general goblin skills, classes automatically have level 1 (or +1) proficiency in the skills listed.

Specialty: creating red tape, filling out paperwork, queuing efficiently.
Skills: Literacy, Knowledge: Forms, Forgery, Complexification, +1 Queuing
Equipment: Paper, pens, ink, rulebook, stamps, rations, business suit (ratty), magnifying glass

Specialty: patching up broken machines, building new ones, or disassembling old ones.
Skills: Read blueprints, Assemble/disassemble machinery, Diagnose Machine, Jerry-rig, Maintenance
Equipment: Toolbox, lubricant, duct tape, coveralls (stained)

Specialty: designing and testing ideas for new machines, drugs, or even organisms.
Skills: Literacy, Math, Alchemy, Engineering, Biology
Equipment: Scalpel, microscope, abacus, chemical kit, lab coat (stained)

Specialty: hitting people, getting hit.
Skills: Light Armor, Intimidate, Bluff, WP: Club, Fist
Equipment: Baseball bat, leather vest, badge

Specialty: exploring unlikely places and finding valuable stuff.
Skills: Dig, Climb, Pick Locks, Squeeze, Swim, Jump
Equipment: Sacks, jars, lock picks, glow sticks, twine

Specialty: separating fools from their possessions.
Skills: Charm, Inspire, Math, Gamble, Forgery, Pick Pockets, Sleight of Hand
Equipment: Briefcase with secret compartment, nice suit with lots of fake pockets, card deck, loaded dice

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