Goblin Culture

The central philosophy of all goblin culture is: “But what’s in it for MEEEE?”

Despite being selfish and cowardly to a degree that seems psychotic by the standards of other races, goblins are also quite clever. It didn’t take long for a few goblins to realize they could benefit by having other goblins around to blame things on, steal from, hide behind, or rip off. Goblin social interactions generally consist of two or more parties trying to screw each other out of as much as possible without getting screwed themselves; they make great financiers, obviously.

Outside this one driving trait, goblins have other habits in common: they love complicated things, which led them early on to develop machinery, mathematics, and mazes – and, once they observed it in other races, imaginary complicated things like politics and bureaucracy; they love to gamble, drink, sing, dance, and party together; and they love to explore their underground world and find new stuff (It’s just lying around, for FREE! Can you believe it?)

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