Between all the mad scientists dumping chemicals into the water supply “just to see”, all the weird stuff being dug up in the new tunnels, and the naturally unstable goblin genome, pretty much everybody has a mutation. In fact, goblins who don’t seem to have any weird bits are generally treated with a great deal of suspicion.

Begin with a D6 roll for number of mutations.
1-2: One mutation
3-4: Two mutations
5-6: Three mutations
Critical: A real freak. 1-3: No mutations. (Pariah) 4-6: 4-6 mutations. (Idolized)

Next roll mutation type, for each mutation.
1: Unusual size
2: Unusual color
3: Extra limbs
4: Extra organs
5: Unusual limbs
6: Unusual organs

Unusual size
1: Tiny
2-3: Small
4-5: Large
6: Huge

Unusual color
1: Red
2: Blue
3: Black
4: White
5: Yellow
6: Purple
Critical: Polka-dots (roll twice)

Extra limbs
1-2: +One arm
3-4: +One leg
5: +Two arms
6: +Two legs
Critical: +One head

Extra organs
1: Eye
2: Ear
3: Nose
4: Mouth
5: Stomach
6: Liver
Critical: Heart

Unusual limbs (roll a random limb)
1: Larger
2: Smaller
3: Different color (roll)
4: Different texture (roll)
5: Polydactylism
6: Withered

Unusual organs (roll a random organ)
1: Larger
2: Smaller
3: Different color (roll)
4: Detachable
5: Retractable
6: Reproducible

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