Only six-sided dice are used in this game. Unless otherwise stated, every roll is 1D6.

Basic Skill Check

To make a skill check, roll 1D6 and add the result to your skill rating, and any other bonuses which may be in effect (personal traits, terrain advantage, drug high, etc.) The standard target for any skill roll is 4; make or beat this target to succeed. For some cases the GM will inform you that you have a target modifier (example: the door you are trying to break down is reinforced, so your target is 6, or whatever).

Opposed Skill Check

If you are trying to out-bluff someone, dodge their attack, control their mind, etc., you will have an opposed skill check. This works exactly the same; the only difference is that your target is your opponent’s total. Roll 1D6, add your skill rating and other bonuses, and compare.

Critical Rolls

Any time you or anyone rolls a 6 – even during Character Creation – this may indicate a Critical Result (not necessarily a good thing). Roll an additional 1D6 – if you get another 6, this is a True Critical; if you get a 1-5, the original roll is just a 6.

When a True Critical Result happens, this means that something unusual has occurred. Maybe your attack does extra damage, or maybe you accidentally cut yourself pulling your weapon out of the scabbard, or maybe something truly bizarre happened. The GM will usually do some more rolling and tell you what’s up.

Some items or effects may give a bonus to Critical Rolls; this means that there is an extra chance of something strange happening (for instance, a True Critical might now happen on a 5 or 6). This means that, for some reason, some instability is in play and normally unlikely results are more common. This is not necessarily a good thing, but it can be an exciting thing.

Other items or effects may give a bonus (or penalty) to Critical Results. This is different; it means that the very good Critical Results the GM is rolling up for you are now more likely than the very bad Critical Results. In general, this can only be a good thing (unless it’s a penalty, like from a cursed item.)

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