Skill Descriptions

Listed alphabetically.

Armor (Light, Medium, Heavy)
This skill represents familiarity with wearing some kind of armor. Without it, you won’t be able to figure out how to put this stuff on, and moving around while wearing it will be slow and awkward. Heavier skills automatically include all lighter skills.

In this town, everything is negotiable. If you aren’t willing to spend fifteen minutes arguing about how worthless a product obviously is, you must not really want to buy it. Goblin money most certainly exists, but gobs almost invariably prefer to trade things for other things, or for favors.

Pretending to be tougher, smarter, meaner, and more important than you actually are – more or less the foundation of every social interaction. Unless someone’s asking you for a favor, in which case it’s important to pretend to be poorer, stupider, and more useless than you actually are.

Obviously a skill which seems important when you find yourself at the bottom of a sinkhole, but this skill is more often employed when the window you were hoping to crawl through is located inconveniently high.

Goblin cuisine has a simple philosophy: “If it doesn’t poison your friend, call it food. If it does poison your friend, try cooking it for a while, and give it to another friend.” Subterranean food naturally focuses on fungi, insects, other goblins, and garbage, but really you can find almost anything.

Goblin dancing is an eclectic mixture of good old fashioned, boot-stompin, traditional tribal goodness, and drugged-out rave music seizure thrashing, with a bit of mosh pit thrown in to get that green blood pumping.

Actually getting the right official to sign a document you need can be tricky – for all you know, he’s been dead for ten years. Skilled forgers can fake types of paper and ink, cut stamps, and copy signatures, as long as they have something to copy.

Goblins love to roll dice, but are also likely to bet on just about anything else going on (I’ll lay you five to one that old guy dies in this traffic jam.) The Gambling skill represents not only familiarity with rules and odds; more importantly, it represents being a good cheater.

Almost all goblin repair falls into this category. It represents not just knowing how to diagnose a problem and fix it, but how to do so without the proper tools or replacement parts. The emphasis is on duct tape, lubricant, and hitting reluctant parts with a hammer. Or a rock.

A good way to get over that unexpected hole/fence/guard, or maybe just to reach a windowsill.

Goblin writing is a hodge-podge of pictograms and alphabets, some evolved from the different languages the tribes brought down when the city was built, some stolen from other races, and some made up on the spot. Most gobs know only a handful (1D6) of characters; being able to read more than that is only possible for about 10% of the population.

Pick Locks
Most goblins use simple locks that are trivial to force, but for some the love of complexity has driven them to create or purchase insanely difficult mechanisms. Then again, maybe you need a lock-pick because the cheap lock you bought won’t work with your damn key any more.

Gobopolis queues can be unfathomably long and slow; older or dimmer gobs almost always end up dying of hunger or old age while waiting for some permit or paperwork to process, and many gobs can trace their birth (or conception) to a long queue. The art of queuing is a subtle skill of finding sustenance and rest, figuring out the best line to wait in, and most importantly cutting in front of people who’ve been there longer (without getting caught).

Bigger goblins will often beatbox a kind of grumbly bass beat for the smaller gobs, who tend to sound like cats being tortured (incidentally, tortured cats are a favorite goblin “instrument”).

Rather than the art of making orange juice or packing luggage, this refers to a goblin’s attempt to squeeze their body through a narrow space. Goblins have unusually flexible bones, tough skin, and (depending on their mutations) who knows how many joints. Learning how to wriggle through holes and pipes, between bars, and around cave-ins is an essential trait for a Scavenger.

Weapon Proficiency (WP)
A measure of your character’s skill with some weapon (or shield). Adds itself as a bonus to all strike and parry rolls with that weapon.

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Skill Descriptions

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