Special Traits

This game does not have Attributes; instead, it’s assumed that any basic task (picking up something heavy, drawing a pretty picture, or talking your way out of trouble) has a 50/50 chance – for a “strength” test, just roll 1D6; a 4 or higher means you succeed.

However, there are a few Special Traits your character may have, which define things they are naturally good or bad at. These Traits have word descriptions, rather than numbers; unless otherwise stated, they give an automatic bonus of +1 (or a penalty of -1, where appropriate.)

Your character can spend 3 points on Traits; some cost more than others, and some have a negative cost (giving you more points to buy other Traits.)

(1) Beefy – This character has big muscles. +1 to lift or break things, damage rolls, and wounds.

(-2) Blockhead – This character just doesn’t get it. -1 to learn new skills, -1 common skills during character creation, -1 to Magic, Languages, Math, Literacy, and Knowledge.

(2) Athletic – This character is in good shape. +1 to dodge, Climb, Swim, Jump, Run, general endurance checks, and wounds.

(-2) Clumsy – This character’s hands and feet always seem to be getting in the way. -1 to strike, parry, and dodge; -1 to Dance, Climb, Jump, Run, Sneak, Hide, and Acrobatics.

(1) Leathery – This character has been over-exposed to harsh climates. +1 to resist pain, heat, and cold; character absorbs 1 point of damage from any attack; +1 to Intimidate; -1 to Charm.

(1) Flexible – This character is easily able to bend and stretch. +1 to dodge, Dancing, Acrobatics, Squeezing, and Climbing; +1 to escape from bonds/grappling.

(1) Quick Hands – This character has quick and accurate hand movements. +1 to initiative, strike, and parry; +1 to Sleight of Hand and Pick Pockets.

(1) Nimble Fingers – This character has flexible and sensitive fingers. +1 to Sewing, Play Instruments, Pick Locks, Pick Pockets, First Aid, Gambling, and Art.

(1) Good Memory – This character remembers things easily. +1 common skill choice during character creation; +1 to Languages (Ancient and Modern), Literacy, Navigation, Magic, and all Knowledge skills.

(1) Quick Mind – This character learns new things quickly. +1 to learn new skills; +1 to Magic, Languages, and Literacy.

(-1) Shy – This character has trouble opening up to people. -1 to Charm, Inspire, Barter, Intimidate, Singing, and Dancing.

(1) Silver Tongue – This character’s voice is quite endearing. +1 to Singing, Charm, Inspire, Bluff, Barter, and Obfuscate.

(1) Star Talent – This character has a dazzling charismatic presence. +1 to Singing, Dancing, Play Instrument, Charm, and Inspire.

(-1) Stubborn – This character doesn’t like to change hir mind. +1 will; -1 to learn new skills; -1 to Charm.

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Special Traits

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